Industrial designs refer to creative activity which result in the ornamental or formal appearance of a product and design right refers to a novel or original design that is accorded to the proprietor of a validly registered design

Design registration is used to protect the visual appearance of manufactured products.

A registered design can be a valuable commercial asset. If you own a registered design you can take steps to enforce your design rights. Once your registered design is examined and certified, you may sue for infringement if another person uses your registered design without your consent.

As a registered owner, you:

    • have the exclusive right to use the design specified in your registration;
    • have the exclusive right to authorize other people to use your design as specified in your registration;
    • have a registered design that is your personal property that can grow in value and be sold;
    • Can after examination and certification take action to stop other people using your design.

Please note: The protection you receive is only for the appearance of the product and not how it works.